Global Top 100 Brand Corporations by Eurobrand

Eurobrand is an independent brand and patent valuation expert and management consultancy firm, and they have recently examined and valued more than 3,000 brands corporations from all around the world. Guess who got first place in their 2012 ranking? If you are thinking Apple, you got it right! Their brand is valued by Eurobrand at 100.239 billion euros.

São Paulo No Logo Exposition

Recently I wrote an article entitle São Paulo Goes Advertising Free over Brazign, a blog on the topic of Brazilian design, art and culture. Considering I used to live there, I felt the urge of posting on the topic here too. Actually, writing this article fills me with a mixed feeling of nostalgia and relief.

C&A Reveals a Minimalist Direction with Renewed Logo

The C&A new logo. Back in 1841 two Dutch brothers joined forces to found C&A, nearly eighty years later the clothing retailer open its first German store, and since then C&A prominence on the European market has grown consistently. Today, C&A has stores in most European countries, with more than 1,500 stores spread across the … Read more C&A Reveals a Minimalist Direction with Renewed Logo