eBay Unveils New Logo After 17 Years

New eBay Logo 2012

New eBay logo in much neater than the old version!

After 17 years we’re finally seeing the new eBay Logo, but do not bother checking their website, as it have not being implemented yet. It will go live on the site and in their advertising campaigns later in October. Overall, I really like the new logo.

Here’s what Devin Wenig, eBay CEO have to say about the new logo:

The eBay logo is known the world over, so changing it was not a decision made lightly. The time felt right. We’re incredibly proud of how eBay started and quickly grew into the world’s largest online marketplace. Auction-style listings, used goods, vintage items and quirky, one-of-a-kind finds are still a big part of what makes buying and selling on eBay special. We hope that’s always true. But we’ve evolved a lot in the past few years, and eBay is much more than auction-style listings today.

The biggest change is, as it’s blatantly obvious, is in the type. The new typography is much more sleek with a contemporary look-and-feel, and the re-arranging of letters in a centered aligned position looks much better. But the one change that perhaps many will not notice is in the colors. While the new logo preserves similar colors, they adopted much jovial tones, easily noticeable in the blue color.

Here’s a few preview images with the new logo.

New eBay Logo 2012 on iPad
New eBay Logo 2012 on iPhone
New eBay Logo 2012 on Bags
New eBay Logo 2012 on Store Wall

Just in case you don’t remember how the old eBay logo looks like, here it is.

eBay Previous Logo 2012

The old eBay logo will soon just become part of the eBay logo evolution history.

It seems to me that this eBay parody logo created by Romanian-based design student Arama Alisa fits perfectly as a great way for the old logo to say goodbye to the world.

eBay Say Bye Parody Logo

I’m surprisingly happy with the new eBay logo as, at least from my perspective, a ginormous evolution, but that’s because I’m a huge fan of minimalism, but to be entirely honest, I have never been a big fan of their current design

Anyway, the current design will soon be a thing of the past, as eBay update all of its platform with the new logo. The big big deal now, is to update their UI to follow the new look, and if they do, I think eBay will become a much better looking website.

What about you? What do you think of the new eBay logo?