Customer Feedback on Logo Design Projects

Listening Ear for Customer Feedback

When it comes to customer feedback over logo design projects, there are two very well defined types of feedback which are usually given by two very well defined types of clients. The first will hire you for what you know and trust on your experience to deliver the best for their business. The second will actually design their own logos and rely on you to execute their own ideas, simply because they don’t know how to use a graphic design software.

Real Estate Agent Logos from UK

Haart Logo

I’m currently working on a brand identity design project for a local real estate agent, which I’m not yet authorised to reveal, but I’ll be posting it on my portfolio soon. Meanwhile, I thought it would be interesting to share part of my research, many of my readers are from outside of the UK and have probably never seen this logos. Of course there are hundreds of estate agents here in UK, so I selected only the ones with the strongest brands for this list.