Alternative Brand Versions by Graham Smith

Ford Citroen Reversion
Forrst Dribbble Reversion
Google Yahoo Reversion
gTalk Skype Reversion
Halifax Santander Reversion
Mastercard Visa Reversion
McDonalds Burger King Reversion
MFI Ikea Reversion
Morrison's Tesco's Reversion
Pepsi Coke Reversion
Pizzahut Dominos Pizza Reversion
Starbucks Costa Reversion
Twitter Google Plus Reversion
Vimeo YouTube Reversion
Walmart BestBuy Reversion

According to Graham Smith, the creative fellow behind this amazing project, a brand reversion is a brand logo that has undertaken a creative change based on the visual style of another brand logo. Even if it feels that something is off, the new reversed logos are so well executed, that one might easily fall for this trick. Via Brand Reversioning and @imjustcreative.