C&A Reveals a Minimalist Direction with Renewed Logo

C&A New Logo 2011
The C&A new logo.

Back in 1841 two Dutch brothers joined forces to found C&A, nearly eighty years later the clothing retailer open its first German store, and since then C&A prominence on the European market has grown consistently. Today, C&A has stores in most European countries, with more than 1,500 stores spread across the continent different nations and regions.

After so many years, and such a great story of growth, it’s only natural to expect a rebranding, and the interesting thing here is that C&A logo has already changed, and changed, and then, changed again—only to, well, change one more time today.

Here’s what C&A said about their latest update:

”The evolutionary renewal of our corporate C&A logo is in tune with our iconic brand heritage as well as with the renewed C&A-corporate identity package and can be seen as the visual expression of our company´s desire to constantly evolve and respond to the changing ´wants and needs´ of our customers. Further, we have also developed and implemented, a renewed Marketing Communications approach as well as have refreshed our corporate values and our commercial proposition in line with our re-energised vision going forward.“

C&A Previous Logo 2011
C&A Previous Logo.

The first century of the company’s existence was marked by a somewhat clunky black and white, but as time passed, it gradually shrunk to the modern version you see above. The blue and red ribbon we all know today was first introduced in 1958, and since then, it has become intrinsically associated with the brands name. This most recent update only brings the identity forward to current times by slightly altering the logo color scheme in favor of a more minimalistic look.