DC Comics New Logo

DC Comics New Logo
DC Comics new logo design.

DC Comics is one of the largest and most successful comic book publisher of the world, so simply by submitting this new design for trademark protection is enough to shake grounds. Will this logo replace the current version?

Just in case you have been living in another planet, DC is the brand behind a large number of well-known characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Aquaman, the Flash and many others.

The new logo has been submitted for trademark protection together with the alternative version below, which apparently will serve as the logo for the DC Comics umbrella corporation. Slightly odd uh?.

DC Entertainment Logo
DC Entertainment logo.

Previous DC Comics Logos

The current DC Comic logo was designed quite recently, in 2005, by Josh Beatman of Brainchild Studio to replace the original DC Bullet design created by Milton Glazer back in 1976, best known for the I Love New York logo

DC Comics Current Logo
DC Comics current logo.
DC Comics Bullet Logo
DC Comics original logo.

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