“I Love It” Olympic Logo by Thomas James

"I Love It" Olympic Logo by Thomas James

Watford-based designer and illustrator Thomas James have in his own words take some inspiration from Paul Rand’s wisdom to create the “I Love It” Olympic logo. I don’t think I would be wrong assuming this must be a first, a logo created to celebrate another logo.

Excerpt from Back the Logo:

We backed the bid, now its time to back the logo. I am a fan of the logo and think its had an unfair response since being released. Logos are about identity and association, this logo hasn’t had any ‘real’ associations yet as the Olympic games are still a future prospect. The meaning of the logo will therefore change during and after the games but for now we should support the design because it is ours.

I agree with Thomas in regards to backing the logo, and now that we are just about to witness the starting of the games, I think the message echoes even stronger.

While I understand the reasoning behind the arguments of those who didn’t like London 2012 logo, I must admit I have nothing against it, and actually I quite like it. If you take a look at how this year’s Olympic Games logo compares with previous editions, it becomes clear how iconic London 2012 logo really is, and I’m sucker for iconic design.