Branding The United States Presidents by Meg Jannott

First President George Washington 1732-1799
Eight President Martin Van Buren 1782-1862
Seventh President Andrew Jackson 1767-1845
Third President Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826
Eleventh President James K Polk 1795-1849
Sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865
Nineteenth President Rutherford B Hayes 1822-1893
Twenty First President Chester A. Arthur 1830-1886
Twenty Third President Benjamin Harrison 1889-1893

Detroit-based designer Meg Jannott has challenged herself to brand each of the 44 United States Presidents in 44 days. She have even setup a Tumblr account exclusively for this project and while there still many president brands to come, we can already appreciate the amazing collection of vintage imagery and amazing typography skills.