Enjoy the Dark Side with Blk

BLK Water Logo
BLK Water Bottle
BLK Black Mineral Water

I’ve just stumbled upon this pretty awesome brand, not only for the minimalism of its logo, but also because is a rather unusual product, black water. If you’re thinking this is some sort of highly¬†industrialised¬†beverage you’re going to be as much wrong as I was when I first saw it, it’s actually black mineral water, yes, real natural mineral water.

Here’s a excerpt from Blk website:

Blk water is the first functional beverage that enables you to experience the power of Mother Nature’s secret weapon, fulvic trace minerals. Fulvic trace minerals play a critical role in the growth of plant life, assisting in the transport and absorption of nutrients inside the plant cell. Once these minerals are extracted from our source and added to pure water, the water turns black naturally without the use of any artificial dyes or colorings. This enables blk to harness the power of fulvic minerals and deliver powerful electrolytes, trace minerals and a high pH to consumers without any carbs, calories, or sugar.

For what I read over their website, it seems that joining the dark side is some of the healthiest decisions you could ever make, I wonder if they will ever be available in my local shops, because as of now you can only buy Blk water on Amazon.