Waze New Logo Brings Dynamic Moods to Drivers Everywhere

Waze New Logo 2020
Waze new logo.

The navigation app Waze refreshed its look with a new identity that brings in brighter colours and a series of new mood-expressing icons.

The refreshed identity has a new font and now the blobs on wheels gained a welcoming personality update. Drivers can now pick between 30 different moods to identify themselves in the app, with more moods to be added in the future.

Waze Moods for Every Moment 2020

A Brand that Belongs to the Community

“So when we decided to refresh our brand, it became more about revealing who we are, not reinventing anything. We want everyone who uses Waze to feel like they’re part of this community, not just a “user.” We wanted to bring the joy we bring to people on the road into the building blocks of the brand.”

Jake Shaw, Head of Creative at Waze

Waze Logo Side-by-Side Comparison