LogoStorm Feeds the Best Logo Design Galleries of the Web

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Recently I wrote about using logo design galleries for inspiration, and this article is about how to keep up with all those galleries in a fairly easy way.

I’m quite an active user on Twitter and receiving updates from these galleries on twitter is much better than checking every single website manually. But there is a catch, not all logo design gallery websites are on Twitter.

So, in order to solve my own ‘problem’, I create @logostorm, where I combined the feed of these logo design galleries in just one twitter stream. Perhaps I should call it the one feed to bring them all. Logos, not rings, of course. 🙂

Since I went through the trouble of creating this account basically to follow new logos updates, I thought of sharing it with the design community. Perhaps you’ll be interested in keeping your eyes on @logostorm stream too.

Logo Galleries on Twitter

Of course, you can also follow every single logo gallery twitter account, but as I said before, you’ll not find all of them there, these are the ones that already made the jump to the Twitter world:

If you know of any other logo design gallery on Twitter, even if is a personal designer gallery with its own exclusive feed, please let me know and I’ll include their updates on @logostorm too. Thanks! 🙂