How to Promote Your Newly Created Logo Design?

How to Promote Your Newly Created Logo Design?

I find that the best time to start creating some awareness about a new logo, is just after finish working on it. So, I’ve just done that, and that motivated me to also write this article, with a sort of checklist of what I’ve done, just so I can come back later on.

If you are a designer, I’m sure you’ll find this checklist as much useful as I do. If you’re not, these are still very good promotional tips, and who knows, and perhaps you can adapt them to your own business, product or service.

So, without further ado, here’s the checklist:

1. Write a post about the new brand. Include your insights, sketches and as much detail as you find to be useful. This is a great way to have a fantastic portfolio and provide a lot of information to potential clients.

2. Add your newly created logo design to Flickr, Picasa or any other online photo gallery service you signed up with. Make sure to include a brief description and a link back to the post you wrote about the new logo.

3. If you are a designer, you most likely have an account on Behance, if you don’t is time to get one! So, once you are there, create a new project and upload the newly created logo design. Also, don’t forget to add a link pointing to your blog post.

4. Score some points on Dribble by uploading a teaser of your new design. If you’re not there, you’ll need an invite to join, drop me a message and if I have a spare invitation, I’ll certainly help you get in.

5. Add your new logo design to logo design galleries. There are plenty of logo design galleries on the web, so perhaps you would like to check my list with the best logo design galleries to save you some time.

6. Add your new logo design to color palette websites. This is not only a great way to create more exposure but also help out fellow logo designers to identity the colors you used on your logo for inspiration purposes.

7. Socialise you post sending out a message on Twitter and posting it to your Facebook.

I will update this list if I come up with any other idea. Meanwhile, I would love to hear what are the things you do to get more exposure for your own work.