A Brief History of Logos with NBC, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s

Coca Cola Original Label
Coca-Cola Original Label

The Original Coca-Cola label. Five cents, can you believe that?

Just found this great video on YouTube with a brief history of NBC, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s logos. It’s really worth watching, especially if you have very little knowledge about how these logos came to be. In just a bit less than five minutes you will capture the essence behind the story of these three logos and how they changed throughout the time.

There’s no apparent link to the author website or a twitter account in the YouTube description area, other than a line saying this was a group project on the evolution of logos. I’m assuming the rolling credits at the end of the video are the names of researchers and producers behind a college or university project, so here they are: Killian Burns, David Christopher, Mathew C-F, Kathleen Cronin and Anna de Witt.

If you happen to know who’s behind this video and for which college or University this video was produced, please leave a comment below, or get in touch, I would love to credit the right people with a link back to their sites or Twitter accounts. Thanks!