Evolution of the Batman Logo by Rodrigo Rojas

Batman Logo by Tim Burton

Tim Burton‘s Batman logo is my favorite Batman logo.

Watching the evolution of the Batman logo video, put together by Rodrigo Rojas, not only opened my eyes to the share amount of variation on a single logo, but it was also a fairly nostalgic experience. Scroll to the bottom of this article to watch the video.

Tim Burton’s Batman film starring Michael Keaton as the multi-millionaire turned superhero was the first ever Batman film I ever watched, and certainly one of the brands which have most influenced my childhood, but I guess this guy was even more influenced by the Batman logo than I did, check out his bat-moustache!

The Bat Moustache
The bat-moustache by Samuel Platz.
The Bat Cave
The bat-cave found by @ericsmithrocks; not the best way to keep its location secret!

Batman Icon’s Mutation