American Airlines Logo History

Earlier this year American Airlines unveiled a new logo, actually, a new identity that breaks apart from what was already a pretty established look-and-feel; so I thought it would be interesting to share a quick post with the history of American Airlines logos.


American Airlines 1934 Logo
American Airlines 1934 logo.

In 1926 Charles Lindbergh flew his biplane on a mail run from Chicago to St. Louis and back. Eight years later, the company he flew for and several others were incorporated into American Airlines, Inc.


American Airlines 1945 Logo
American Airlines 1945 logo.

During World War II, as demand for air travel increased at home, half of American’s fleet was turned over to the military to transport personnel worldwide. After the war, American began its first overseas passenger flights, to Europe.


American Airlines 1962 Logo
American Airlines 1962 logo.

In the early ’60s, American partnered with IBM to introduce the Semi-Automated Business Research Environment (SABRE) for processing its reservations and other data.


American’s current logo has been in use for the last 45 years. The familiar red and blue double A, the eagle and the name “American” have all been featured on the jets’ unique – and shiny – unpainted, silver exteriors.

American Airlines 1968 Logo
American Airlines 1968 logo.


American Airlines 2013 Logo
American Ailrines 2013 logo.

The logo unveiled on January 17, 2013, as the airline emerges from bankruptcy. The red and blue stripe is said to represent a stylized letter A and an eagle in flight.

So, what do you think? Do you like their new identity?