Turkey Revises its Logo for Exported Goods

Turkey Discover the Potential Logo

All products exported out of Turkey are labelled to reflect their origin, and now Turkey is updating their export label to a modern look-and-feel prepared by Turkish Exporters Assembly and approved by the Economy Ministry of Istanbul.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan said:

From now on, Turkey and Turkish products will better be introduced with the logo and slogan ‘Discover the potential’… These are all symbols of a new Turkey, a new strong Turkey having global aims. These are the symbols of Turkey’s self-confidence.

The old logo simply said ‘Made in Turkey’, but the new version comes with a catchy phrase along the country’s name and reads “Turkey: Discovery the Potential”. The new logo is an important symbol for the country, and it signifies to the world that Turkey has high quality exports to offer, and anyone in the world spotting it on a product will be able to quickly and easily identify that it was produced in Turkey.