Tossed Brand Identity Design by Honey Creative

Tossed Brand Identity Design

A role that I usually have play when dealing with potential clients is that of the educator. Clients don’t always know what exactly they need and one particular issue which I’m always addressing is the differences between logo design and brand identity design. For that reason, I’m very glad to stumble on this video!

Vincent McKevitt, the very owner of Tossed — a healthy salad restaurant chain from London, UK — talks about his own decision to invest in brand identity design and the benefits of it. Thank you very much for that!

Tossed Brand Identity by Honey Creative

If you’re wondering, this inspiring brand is the work of talented creatives at Honey Creative, a Brand Identity Studio from London. I love it! It has a very unique look-and-feel and a very humorous personality. Via @tosseduk.