Tesco Every Little Horse Logo Parody

Tesco Every Little Horse Logo Parody

Tesco Every little horse, a new slogan? Well, yes, according to the Twitterverse! It seems that every single connected person in UK went bonkers sharing horse-jokes on Twitter after learning that Tesco beef burgers had 25% of horse meat in it. Yes, 25% guys!

Here’s a selection with the best horse jokes, have a laugh!

Now, on the serious side it. I’m not particularly fond of meat, but whenever I buy some for the rare barbecue time, I really want to be sure that what I’m buying is what it says in the label. This is a branding disaster for Tesco. Can you imagine how much money they invested building their slogan?

If things were not bad as they already are for Tesco, check out this parody video:

If the guys in Tesco’s marketing department don’t address this problem soon with a reassuring campaign, I wouldn’t be surprised if “every little horse” truly sticks to people’s minds.