Logo Lounge Custom Typography Logo by Glitschka Studios

Logo Lounge Custom Typography Logo

Logo Lounge Custom Typography Burst Graphic

Logo Lounge Custom Typography Wallpaper

Pretty neat looking typographycal logo made by Glischka Studios for Logo Lounge new marketing endeavors. I love it, but I must say that I’m utterly bias towards these sort of organic fluidic types of logos, hence my own company logo has the same influence.

Excerpt from Glitschka Studios:

Glitschka Studios was one of numerous firms hired to create promotional content for LogoLounge.com new endeavors. Our designs will be included as FREE downloadable swag for their user base. Since Logo Lounge is all about identity design we decided to handle this like a logotype project and hand lettered the design. The end result was a unique mark to represent our industries best resource and archive on identity design.