Kraft New Logo Goes Back in Time and Turn Lowercase

Kraft New Logo 2012

Kraft renews its logo with a lowercase type.

Kraft Previous Logo 2012

Kraft old higher case logo.

Kraft Abandoned Logo

The Kraft logo that was abandoned.

Kraft is one of the most well know brands in the food industry, and just in the rare case you have been living under a rock, that’s the company that owns several popular product brands such as Jell-O, Miracle Whip and Oscar Mayer.

The process of rebranding a brand as big as this one is naturally very delicate, so after a corporate decision of splitting the company into two came out, the worldwide food giant had to deal with a difficult decision/ Half of the company would be rebranded as Mondelez International and the other half would keep the original name Kraft Foods.

So, what to do about their branding?

Well, instead of keeping the elaborate and flowery design they have recently created, Kraft made a move on to take its previous identity and simply adapt it for a modern era with lowercase type. The new logo is a little less loud than the abandoned version, and a very intelligent branding move to renew old values while also marching into the future.