Halloween Inspired Logos by Ben Fellowes

Plagueboy Logo
Badwill Logo
DOA Logo
LO Logo
Kentucky Fried Carcass Logo
FedOn Logo
Cadaver Logo
Zombie Logo
Starguts Logo
Hell Logo

Have you consider how brands would look like if we lived in a zombie apocalypse world? No? Well, that’s what designer Ben Fellowes did to celebrate Halloween. He reinvented the above series of popular logos, from Playboy to NBA, and made them fit the reality of a world where zombies are consumers. Hmm, can’t avoid thinking that some would say that the opposite is already true in our world. If liked these logos, and you’re into the gruesome sort of art, I strongly recommending checking out Fellowes’ work on Behance or his website; is filled with a great deal of horror-inspired illustrations.