The Ultimate Negative Space Logo Inspiration Gallery

Altorius Logo

American Architects Logo

Ancient Flame Logo

Atack Logo

Black Observer Logo

Blue Dog Logo

Blue Mountain Electric Logo

Brands and Events Logo


Circus of Magazine's Logo

Come Home Café Logo

Design Swan Logo

Dig Logo

DP Clinic Logo

Eat Innovations Logo

Ed's Electric Logo

Effective Sports Logo

Eight Bones Logo

Emerald Dental Logo

Empire Dentistry Logo

Fido Logo

Filmdog Logo

First Professional Logo

Fisher Nursery Logo

FIT Logo

Folder Logo

Gecko Logo

Harmony Veterinary Clinic Logo

Heawen Negative Logo

Height Logo

Human Logo

Illusion Logo

Kingsbury Logo

LAB Logo

Love Mouse Logo

Maritime Law Logo

Martin Newcombe Logo

Missing Logo

Mojito Logo

Mouse Universe Logo

Music that Mend's Logo

Namyslow Airport Logo

Natural Wine Logo

Negative Logo

Northridge Logo

Oak Bros Logo

Ocean Spirit Logo

Ogden Plumbing Logo

Oliva Logo

Paint the City Logo

Parkview Logo

Pendulum Logo

Piano Forest Logo

Pittsburgh Zoo Logo

Playground Logo

Raven Logo

Rocket Golf Logo

Roostar Logo

Rooster Bakery Logo

Safari Logo

Shit Talking Logo

Silkskin Logo

Snooty Peacock Logo

Spytec Logo

Star Dental Logo

Storm Logo

Treacy Shoes Logo

Two Giraffes Logo

Ulrich Design Logo

Unique Idea Logo

Up Logo

Wide Mountain Logo

Wiesinger Music Logo

Wine Forest Logo

Woman Quotes Logo

Woodenhouse Logo

ZIP Logo

ZipHub Logo

While I started the year quite suspicious that negative space was just another upcoming trend in logo design, and trends is something which one must always watch carefully; but I admit that I found myself developing a taste for this sort of design. Whenever negative space is well applied, the results are always fantastic, so I’m putting this ultimate list with the best of the best I could find on the web for future inspiration. Enjoy!

Let me know if you find any other very good logo and I’ll add to the list! Thanks!