Domino’s New Logo Revealed over Facebook Page

New Domino's Logo

This is a first time I heard of an official new brand being revealed first time over a Facebook Page, it seems like a very interesting strategy to get the word out very quickly, but for what is worth, I’m not really excited about the new logo. Domino’s had such an iconic brand already, so why changing it?

Here’s what Don Meij, the pizza chain’s CEO has to say about it:

“It was time to improve the one thing that signifies our brand – by creating a new clean, crisp and strong brand logo that reflects our new directions. We want to signal outside that something has changed inside, we want people to think differently about Domino’s and believe this new logo design is the right step.”

Previous Domino's Logos

Previous Domino’s logos, from 1960 to 2013.

Looking at their previous versions, it seems they already got to a pretty much iconic version, don’t you think? The reaction over their Facebook page haven’t been very welcoming, what do you think?