Unexpected Products by Ilya Kalimulin

  Russian artist Ilya Kalimulin is the talented creative behind the creation of Unexpected Products, a photo series of product that, well, you would never expect to see. The mix and match of brands were purposely made to achieve an ironic tone and are highly amusing.

Famous Logos Reinvented as Death Metal Bands

Gembloux-based designer Christophe Szpadjel has been successfully creating logos for Death Metal bands for the past 20 years, including Emperor, Moonspell, Old Man’s Child, and Arcturus. More recently, he decided to take some of the most famous logos in the world and reinvent them as death metal bands, this is a selection with some of those logos.

The Avengers Taking Over Car Logos by Christian Petersen

South Carolina-based artist Christian Petersen unleashed a great dose of creativity to rebrand well-know car brands under the influence of The Avengers universe. The result is an interested association of ideas, all of which, I’m particularly fond of the cross between Mini and Thor, it almost seems like the logo was made for the god … Read more The Avengers Taking Over Car Logos by Christian Petersen

Logo Mashups by Ryan Loomis

Minneapolis-based designer Ryan Loomis took on the challenge of finding commonalities in between logos that seem to be at first entirely unrelated, and somehow, he managed to find some pretty great matches. Check the entirety of his work here.

Shitty Brands by Kitchen Prague

Created by Kitchen Prague, these are literally shitty brands, a brilliant idea for an advertising campaign created to raise awareness of the need of owners looking after their dogs when taking them for a walk in Prague 7 Municipality green areas.