Logograma: Logo Design for Dynamic Identities

Logograma: Logo Design for Dynamic Identities

by Wang Shaoqiang

Book Description


In conveying the character of a company, brand or product, a simple logo is a powerful tool of communication. However, in a world in constant transformation, logo design is not only a hot topic but also an extraordinarily dynamic one. By varying its logo, a brand can transmit a vibrant and expressive image, bringing out a fresh vision of a familiar concept.

Logograma introduces us to the vitality of logo design and how it constantly evolves and adapts to new realities, casting new light on the different aspects of this creative process. By revealing how a wide range of emblematic logos have evolved, it provides inspiration to both established and aspiring graphic designers. The selected projects highlight the keys to successfully altering colours, shapes or typography in order to revitalise a brand while preserving its identity. Logograma also highlights the visual impact such changes have on audiences in quickly transforming and competitive environments.

Logograma showcases the infinite possibilities of the dynamic logos featured in its pages, making it an inspirational must-have guide for students and professionals of the graphic design universe.